Room No.: 18, Pension Complex
Grand Anse, Praslin, Seychelles
(+248) 2532898
Monday - Friday
08:00am ~ 05:00pm
Terms & Conditions
  • Reservations for your car rental on Praslin Island can be made on our website with a wide selection of cars. Reservations online need a minimum of 25% prepayment in order to secure the reservation.
  • Once we have received the prepayment, we will forward you a formal email confirmation and voucher along with delivery details. The remaining balance is to be settled on the day of rental in Euro, Cash, USD Dollars, Seychelles Rupee or Credit Card (see payment terms below).
  • Reservation with no prepayment will not be confirmed and prepayment is definitely required to secure your car rental.
Payment Terms
  • Upon confirming the reservation, a 25% – 100% prepayment to the value of the rental term / total is required to secure the reservation. The amount to be prepaid will depend on the seasons and as per service provider.
  • The remaining balance is to be settled on the day of rental in either, Euro Cash, USD Dollars, Seychelles Rupee or Credit Card.
  • Please note: If the remaining balance is settled in Credit Card a 3.5% Transaction Charge will apply only on the Balance Outstanding.
Delivery Praslin Island

FREE of charge everywhere

Drop Off Terms
Return Locations
  • We will always meet you on the day of return at your specified dropoff location and specified time as per your signed rental contract and agreement.
  • You should not hand over the keys to any individual whom does not represent Pristine Cars, also not to take any advice from bystanders on what to do with the return of the car.
Late Returns or Changes in Drop Off / Return of Rented Vehicle
  • On the day of Drop Off / Return of rented car it should be at the time which is stipulated on the rental agreement and at the location also stipulated on the contract.
  • Any change that is occurring that changes the drop off time and location needs to be communicated to the Pristine Cars at least 6 Hours prior to the agreed time and date stipulated on the rental agreement.
  • Any returns extending the official return time on the rental agreement and without prior notice (6 hours or more ) will result in a full day’s charge. If the car can be extended additional charges will apply automatically, if the car cannot be extended due to high occupancies the car needs to be returned at the agreed drop off / return location as per agreement.
  • Changes in drop off / return location must also be communicated ahead of time (6 hours), failure to do so will result in a full day’s charge.
  • We kindly ask our clients to reduce the amount of sand they place in the car. We do have a Valet Charge of SCR 500 / €35 in case a valet charge should be applied. We would charge valets charges in the following instances:
    • Wet Seats
    • Sand Everywhere in Car especially under the foot rubber mat.
    • Sand everywhere on seats, driving consoles, dashboard, on the doors, center console
    • Some sand is to be expected in the car and it is very unlikely to avoid any, we just ask that you reduce the amount of sand as much as possible as per instructions located in the car. Iur Beach Sand has got high salt content and rust can easly damage our cars. Therefore, we kindly ask our clients to keep this in mind all the time.
Insurance, Taxes & Coverages

Taxes & Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is already included in the daily rate and in case of an accident the hirer’s liability shall be limited to:

  • Budget | Hyundai i10 ( Group A Cars ) | Hyundai Grandi10 ( Group B Cars )
    • € 1,500 maximum liability (extra insurance and coverage’s is available). This can be reduced to:
      • Reduced Excess €1,000 @ €8 per day
      • Reduced Excess €500 @ €15 per day
  • SUV’s | Hyundai i20 Active ( Group C Cars) | Hyundai Creta ( Group D Cars )
    • € 2,000 maximum liability (extra insurance and coverages is available). This can be reduced to:
      • Reduced Excess €1,500@ €10 per day


Roadside Assistance @ €10.00 once off fee

We offer 24/7 Roadside assistance to all our guests. Without the roadside assistance plan there will be a base call out fee of €20 + €2.50 per kilometer travelled to and back from breakdown.

Important Insurance / excess policy information:
  • Any accidents caused by the renter while under the influence of any prohibited substance lest it be Alcohol or drugs, renter will be 100% responsible for the rented car. Excess is automatically void.
  • No individual / person is allowed to open the cars bonnet for any repairs, battery start, and anything related to car engine bay. Only the representatives of the respective service provider are allowed to open the bonnet. If this is not adhered to excess if waived and all costs are on the renter.
  • No one other than the service provider is allowed to sanction towing of the rented Vehicle.
  • Any accident or scratches to the vehicle, needs to be reported to Pristine Cars immediately after incident. This will allow us to serve you with appropriate service and quotes for repairs in a timely manner.
Unlimited Mileage

Guests has the freedom to explore every corner of the Island. No limitation in mileage.

Refueling Policy

Cars are given full tank and needs to be returned a full tank of fuel

Cancellation Policy

Was your credit or debit card charged for the rental at the reservation time on If you wish to cancel at least 24 hrs before your rental pick up time, you must cancel and request a refund by contacting us as follows:

Once cancelled, we will credit you within approximately 7 to 10 workings days. Credits will be applied to the same card with which you did the payment on our website. You will incur a full day’s rental cost if you choose to cancel within 24 Hours to the scheduled pick up time. If you need to cancel within 24hrs, we will refund the full prepaid amount less one day’s rental cost. If you do not cancel the reservation prior to the time of the pick up and the vehicle is not delivered to you on the pick up date, then your booking will be treated as a NSF ( No Show Fee ) and no portion of the prepaid amount will be refunded. If you return the vehicle before the original return date or time, you will not be refunded any portion of your payment.

What is NSF Policy for Pristine Cars? What is the No Show ( NSF ) or Non-Cancellation Fee Policy for Pristine Cars?

If you do not cancel your reservation prior to 24 hours of the reserved pick up time, or in the case of a no show, you will not be refunded any portion of your payment.

To avoid the non-cancellation fee, such reservations must be cancelled 24 hours prior to the schedule pick up time. Reservations may be cancelled by contacting us as follows:-